Madura is a MFI-NBFC (Non-Banking Finance Company) providing individual and group loans through its network of 200+ branches across five states of India.

We strive to find mechanisms to deliver capital in more targeted and efficient ways so as to drive greater economic value in the communities we serve. We call our approach Value Lending


Our growing network of 250+branches extends across rural and semi-urban locations in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Bihar and Orissa.

Customer Education

We are committed to raising the standards of our customers through our subsidiary organization Teach70 through which we provide consumer and entrepreneurship education and certification followed by activity loans.


Madura Micro finance was founded in 2006. The lending model has its origins at the former Bank of Madura where beginning in 1995, the late Dr. K.M. Thiagarajan, as Chairman and CEO, experimented with a new model of SHG training and lending as a means to create a sustainable profit based model of rural lending. The goal was to develop a system that could bring infusions of low-interest capital into rural areas on a scale that would be untenable for non-profit organizations. We carry forward these goals and legacy in our mission.

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