Driving Socioeconomic Inclusion in Rural India

Madura is a leading NBFC-MFI providing unsecured microfinance loans to women self-help groups in rural and semi-urban areas.

We have been one of the pioneers of this socially and financially inclusive movement in rural India, facilitating access to low-cost capital. Our approach blends data-driven, technology-enabled operational efficiency with on the ground programs to enhance skills and productivity in the communities we serve. We strive to deliver the lowest interest rates in the market by passing on the benefits of efficiency to the customer.

Our Loan Products

Entry Level Loan

Entry-Level Loan (ELL)

Entry Level Loan to newly formed self-help groups

Activity Term Loan

Activity Term Loan (ATL)

Activity Term Loan to matured self-help groups

Individual Loans

Individual Loans

Individuals Loans to the members of the matured self-help groups

Making Deeper Inroads Pan India

We operate through a network of 440+ branches across
7 states servicing over 25,000 villages and towns.

Pan India Presence

Member Stories

My husband and I run a tailoring business together in our village. We have 2 daughters aged 16 and 10 years. We started our business with 2 sewing machines and handled individual orders. I have been associated with Madura for 2 years. I invested the loan amount to buy 2 more sewing machines and expanded my business with 4 sewing machines. We now have 4 employees working with us to stitch shirts for several small retailers. We both have not studied beyond 10th standard; our aspiration is to provide good education to our daughters. We are able to do that today and we are also saving up for their future through formal savings.

Hemalatha, Tailoring Business at Mannachanallur, Trichy

I sell cast iron articles such as dosa pans, knives, sickles, rat traps etc. at the local markets of nearby villages. I have 3 sons; 2 of them are married and the youngest one lives with me. Madura helped me stand on my feet when my husband passed away 8 years ago. I started this business with my first loan from Madura and I am currently in the 5th loan cycle. I earn enough to support myself and save some money for future without depending on my children.

Bagyalakshmi, Iron articles shop (trading) at Neruparachal, Tiruppur

I have been associated with Madura for the last 2 years. I had learnt tailoring before marriage and in 2000, I bought the sewing machine for personal use. With the loan amount I borrowed, I got my sewing machine repaired and started my tailoring business.  Today, I stitch 3 to 4 blouses per day and make a decent monthly income. This income in addition to my husband’s earnings helped us continue with English medium education for my son and also take life insurance policies for our family.

Bhuvaneshwari, Tailor at Mannachanallur, Trichy

My husband and I run fruits and flowers vending business by leasing groves or buying fruits at wholesale markets. We have two children and both of them are married. I have been associated with Madura for 10 years and Madura has played a huge role in the growth of my business. Initially, we used to just lease trees with the loan amount. Gradually, we reinvested the profits in to the business. With growing income and loans from Madura, we have the financial capacity to lease complete groves and employ 10 people to work on our land.

Shanti, Fruits Vendor at Sambakulam, Madurai