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Read More, Make More: Evidence from MIT and BU

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Access to information diffusing in a given network may be a much stronger predictor of productivity than traditional human capital variables such as education or industry experience. I’m betting heavily on the value of information. From everything I have seen in the field and every interaction I have witnessed, I know that not much gets done [...]

Is Organization an Innate Human Trait or Learned?

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Evidence suggests that methods of organization are taught and perpetuated as societal innovations. Understanding and teaching organization may go a long way towards alleviating poverty. Individuals working side by side, but not together, can never be more than additive in their production. One worker’s product is added to another and then another to eventually become a [...]

Making the transition to Aadhar – Madura Insights

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adhaar has the potential to be integrated into the greater financial network of India, garnering the benefits of inexpensive credit that can only be achieved by people who have proven themselves to be creditworthy. But there’s still work to be done before this can be successful. Aadhaar, A 12-digit unique identification number issued by the Unique [...]

Blind Walk

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At Madura, our endeavor is to enrich and develop our member communities through CSR initiatives. We do this through health camps, blood donation camps, tree plantings and eye donation awareness activities. As part of spreading awareness on eye donation, Madura has been participating in the World Blind Walk on World Sight Day for the last 4 [...]

Green Office Week

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The first ever set of environmental awareness and education activities for our employees were organized as part of Green Office Week from 17th to 22nd September. This green initiative was aimed at creating awareness and sharing actionable tips to impart a sense of responsibility in our employees towards our environment. This was done through a series [...]