Caution Notice: Beware of Fraudulent Websites / Mobile Apps in the name of the Company

It has been brought to our attention that some unscrupulous individuals / entities have been illegally hosting mobile applications on app stores under the name of ‘CreditAccess Grameen Limited’ (‘CA Grameen’) and ‘Madura Micro Finance Limited’ (‘MMFL’) (our Subsidiary Company) with a promise to digitally lend money to borrowers. Please be aware that the Company and its Subsidiary are neither into digital lending, on mobile devices or on the website, nor have authorised any other individual / agency to carry out the same. The existing mobile applications hosted on app stores in the name of the Company and / or its Subsidiary is unauthorised and hence illegal.

CA Grameen and MMFL would hereby caution all its borrowers and the general public to be aware of such illegal mobile applications and not to share any personal data / information online. Please note that CA Grameen or MMFL will not be held responsible to any member of the public who shares their personal data on such mobile applications and for all other consequences arising therefrom.